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McGuinn has written and published numerous safe deposit news articles in nationwide financial publications and has been interviewed by all major radio and TV networks.

The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Houston Business Journal, Fortune Magazine, Houston Chronicle, Houston Post, Venture Magazine, Kiplinger’s Report, Wisconsin State Journal, Chicago Tribune, Associated Press, St Louis Business Journal, Associated Press, Bankers’ Hotline, Bankers’ Digest, (ABA) American Bankers Association, (IBAA) Independent Bankers Association of America, Texas Independent Banker, The American Safe Deposit Association, Bank Rate News, Money Magazine, Bottom Line Financial, (NPR) National Public Radio, (BBC) British Broadcasting Company, (AARP) American Association of Retired People, The Christian Science Monitor, Beacon Journal, (FSPA) Financial and Security Products Association, CUNA, FDIC, Inside Edition, Crime Watch, Court TV, CNN, CBS, ABC, FOX and NBC Nightly News have all interviewed or published McGuinn’s news articles regarding current safe deposit issues.

Financial institutions nationwide use McGuinn’s new articles to address their current safe deposit situations. Listed below are some of his most recent safe deposit articles. To review these articles, please click the box.

  • What You Need to Know About Safe Deposit Boxes Click here to review safe deposit information published by The New York Times.
  • Safe Deposit Boxes – Profit Center or Loss Leader Click here to find out how to increase your safe deposit income, rent more boxes and attract significant depositors to your institution.
  • Credit Union FRONT LINE – Protecting Members’ Valuable Assets Click here to find out how credit unions are now offering safe deposit box services to consumers nationwide and how they are providing “Full Service” financial options.
  • Texas Community Banks - How to Keep Your Valuables Safe Click here to find out how consumers can determine if they should rent a safe deposit box or purchase a home safe.
  • Are Safe Deposit Boxes on Their Way Out? Click here to review some very negative and incorrect statements being published in a NY news article.
  • Super Storm Sandy Proves That Insuring Box Contents is Vital Click here and learn why consumers should purchase safe deposit box insurance as part of their disaster recovery plan.
  • Can the FBI or DHS Seize a Consumer's Safe Deposit Box Contents? Click here to clear up the rumor that the government can search and seize our safe deposit box contents without a court order.
  • Finally, Something New in the Safe Deposit Box Area Click here to preview a new insurance concept which allows box renters to insure their valuables without disclosing their box contents.
  • How to Make Safes Safer Click here to review an interesting safe deposit news article that was published in the Wall Street Journal September 10, 2012.
  • Recent Fires Turn Safe Deposit Vaults Into Ovens Click here to read about the on-going problems that devastating fires will cause in you safe deposit area.
  • Private Safe Deposit Vaults Are On The Rise...Again Click here and learn about many consumers who are purchasing gold and silver and why they are now looking for a secure location to store these valuable investments.

  • Free Babysitting Provided in Wells Fargo Vault? Click here to avoid the expense, embarrassment and legal exposure if you lock a 14 month old baby inside your safe deposit vault. You must establish correct vault door closing procedures.
  • Safe Deposit "REPORT CARD" Click here to review and print a report card to test and evaluate your current safe deposit procedures, internal security and your safe deposit employee's knowledge.
  • Government Bailout Creates Safe Deposit Concerns Click here to review your internal procedures, compliance issues and disclosure documents now . . .not after your employees provide incorrect consumer information..
  • Safe Deposit Burglary Mirrors “The Bank Job” Movie Click here to learn about an Easter weekend, 2008 burglary that copies the script of a popular motion picture.
  • Katrina’s Aftermath Poses Distribution and Disposal Dilemmas For Unclaimed Box Contents Click here to read about the on-going problems created by Hurricane Katrina and the soggy safe deposit contents left behind.
  • Safe in Cyberspace - Virtual Safe Deposit Boxes Come of Age Click here to learn about the latest state-of-the-art online safe deposit technology available to consumers now.
  • Whether Tragedy or Comedy – Being Locked in a Vault or Branch Facility is No Laughing Matter Click here to learn about several unfortunate institutions that had very poor vault closing procedures.
  • Poor Box Drilling Procedures Create Rich Box Renter Click here to review the five important steps that must be followed when collecting your delinquent safe deposit rent.
  • Bad Key Wallets - A Key to Disaster Click here to find out why a small key wallet, given to all new box renters, can create significant liability for a financial institution.
  • Faulty Marketing Threatens Safe Deposit Integrity  Click here to identify six current marketing and training practices that can and have created liability and legal exposure for financial institutions nationwide.
  • Supreme Court Drives Nail Into Self-Service Box Coffin Click here to read about one unfortunate institution that found itself defending its box rental system before the Illinois Supreme Court.
  • Can You Make Change?. . For a Safer Box Access System  Click here to review the safest vault access signature system for allowing renters to enter their safe deposit box.
  • Box Relocations Provoke Lawsuits  Click here to learn what precautions must be taken before, during and after you relocate or close a safe deposit facility.
  • “Hurricane Katrina” - Flooded Vault Planning is the Key!  Click here to find out why you must have a safe deposit “flooded vault” disaster plan now, before the big flood occurs.
  • “To Be Or Not To Be”. . . A Safe Deposit Box Renter?  Click here to learn how to convince any consumer that they should become a new safe deposit box renter.
  • USA PATRIOT Act - Creates Safe Deposit Confusion  Click here to obtain answers to the many questions that must be answered before your next safe deposit compliance exam.
  • 9-11 Attacks Spark Safe Deposit Lawsuits  Click here to find out if you are ready for a 9-11 disaster or any other situation that seriously affects your safe deposit area.
  • Living Trusts and Payable on Death Clauses  Click here for answers about why a safe deposit rental lease should never be set up as an estate document.
  • Self-Service Boxes - Who Took the Safe Out of Safe Deposit?  Click here to learn the Pros and Cons of offering self-service boxes. Take a test to evaluate your legal exposure.
  • You Locked Whom Inside Your Vault? Click here to establish correct vault door closing procedures. This will help you avoid the expense, embarrassment and legal exposure if you lock someone inside your safe deposit vault.
  • Renter Commits Suicide - Bank Negligence Cited as Cause  Click here to find out why a renter killed herself after finding out she can no longer access her box.
  • Safe Deposit Box Mysteriously Disappears  Click here and learn what you should NEVER do when a renter makes a disappearance claim.
  • Safe Deposit – The Ultimate Marketing Opportunity  Click here to find out why safe deposit boxes are your financial institution’s best marketing tools.
  • Flood Causes $315,000 Safe Deposit Loss  Click here to learn how to protect your institution if you have a flood and all of your safe deposit boxes are damaged.
  • Are All Your Safe Deposit Doors Locked?  Click here to determine if you are protected against a renter leaving his box door unlocked and leaving your vault.
  • Safe Deposit Box Bulging With Cash - SAR Report?  Click here to update your internal procedures and find out what is required before an SAR is filed in the safe deposit area.
  • Safe Deposit Disaster - Made Worse  Click here to learn what procedures must be followed after a safe deposit vault is burglarized and all boxes are cleaned out.
  • Are Your Procedures Ready for a Subpoena?  Click here to determine if your current safe deposit operation and staff are ready to go to court after you receive a subpoena.
  • Do You Really Know Your Safe Deposit Locksmith?  Click here to find out the questions should be asked before you select and hire your safe deposit locksmith.
  • Drill Baby Drill - Mystery Boxes Create Unhappy Renters Click here to review how poor vault relocation and box drilling procedures can cost your financial institution millions.
  • Safe Deposit or Home Safe? Today's Consumer Dilemma Click here to review why consumers are now buying home safes and what questions they are asking employees at your financial institution.





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